Patrol Attendance

Agnes Water Surf Life Saving Club has a proud record of maintaining a safe and friendly beach environment. You, as a Agnes Water surf lifesaver, play a very important role in continuing this record. Patrol dates and hours are set down by SLSQ and begin on first weekend of September school holidays.  We continue to patrol the beach each weekend through to May.  Exact times and dates are in our

All lifesavers are advised of their patrol roster and service using Lifesaving Online, and a text messaging reminder service to your mobile phone. Please ensure your contact details are correct so this SMS patrol information is relayed to you. It is important that you check the rosters regularly to ensure you have the current information regarding you are patrolling times on your surf lifesaving account

Patrols are compulsory for all active members. Should you be unable to attend your roistered patrol it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to arrange a substitute with a similarly qualified member. For more information and our swap request board, head to page.  Please also notify your Patrol Captain as early as possible of the change Disqualification of our club from the Branch Patrol Competition in recent years has required the introduction of a penalty system for missed patrols.



1st Occurrence  Lifesaver will be required to do a make-up patrol, of same length as missed patrol, at a time of their choosing within one month of the missed patrol.


2nd Occurrence (which may include not completing a make-up patrol) Lifesaver to complete a make-up patrol within a month, at a time of their choosing, AND an additional penalty patrol in that same month following.  Penalty patrol does not count towards competition hours .Subsequent absences without arranging substitutes will result in disciplinary action.  Possible penalties include suspension from competition or the club, or expulsion from the club.


Any questions regarding patrols should be directed to Club Captain ?, e-mail  ?