All members holding awards with an annual proficiency requirement, where initial award assessment was completed before 1 July 2012.  This includes Basic Emergency Care, Resuscitation (CPR) Cert, Apply First Aid, Bronze, Surf Rescue Certificate, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, Silver Medallion- IRB Driver and IRB Crew and Observer Certificate.
Proficiency requirements apply for water safety members and life/long service members wishing to compete.  Completing a Bronze Medallion before 31 Dec 2012 satisfies SRC proficiency.

How to complete SLSQ proficiency online
Do your theory paper. 
This year's paper has the same questions for all lifesavers, regardless of awards held.
On-line using your Lifesaving Online account.  See the YouTube playlistThis is by far the preferred method.
Download and print from the attachments below (Proficiency Theory Paper.pdf).
Useful resources to complete your proficiency are: Public Safety and Aquatic Rescue Manual, 2012/2013 Proficiency Bulletin, First Aid Training Manual and SLSQ Patrol Operations Manual.
Pass mark is 100% - do not guess.  Know or do the research.  Papers are to be individual effort, not your groupthink.  Having the resources digitally and using a “find” command (Ctrl+F) should make it easy.
If you haven't gone the on-line route, we will mark together at the club.  Paper to be completed before attending, and hardcopy proof (e.g. online certificate/achievements printout) handed in.
Two new signals

On the day...
Please BYO swim fins if possible and wear them for tube rescue.  Continual refusal to do so slows the assessment (and on patrol, compromises your and patient safety).  You must wear a club competition cap for all "wet bits".
Sign the master sheet and get a nikko pen number on a visible hair/sunscreen free body part.  They are pre-assigned in alphabetical order, please don’t argue to get your lucky number or soixante-nuef.
Tasks to complete include : theory paper and signals, patient assessment and CPR, run-swim-run, board and tube rescues, radios, carries and supports, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management.   For ART a repeat of your practical scenario and pre-patrol equipment checks. 
The assessment cards in the attachments below will give you an idea what to expect.
Further information
SLSQ’s Proficiency Policy (LS0024) is in the on-line Patrol Operations Manual here.